THERMO FINNPIPETTE F1 Multichannel Pipettors

Innovative Thermo Finnpipette F1 Multichannel Pipettor, Made in Finland.


• Anti microbial surface: impregnated with silver ions
to inhibit growth of bacteria and fungus on the pipette
and reduces contamination of the samples.
• Set and forget locking volume button.
• Clear color coded cap to identify the matching tips.
• Advanced Volume Gearing mechanism for great accuracy and precision using the super blow-out feature.
• Light pipetting action and volume adjustment.
• Adjustable finger rest and Rounded Soft touch tip ejector reduces user's stress.
• Large easy to read display.
• Particularly ergonomic pipette handle.
• Light weight.
• Space for personal ID tag, biohazard, radioactive and toxicity.      
• Detailed calibration certificate included.
• 3-year warranty (5-year warranty with web registration).


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F1 Multichannel Specs